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Roger ‘Moreno’ Rathgeb

The Dutch Sinto musician Roger 'Moreno' Rathgeb composed the Requiem for Auschwitz, a Requiem to commemorate all Nazi victims.

Roger 'Moreno' Rathgeb is a musician. Just like many Sinti musicians, he is self-taught. But at a later age he learned to make staff notations and started to compose his own works. Some years ago he decided to write a Requiem for the victims of Auschwitz: a 60-minute composition for symphony orchestra, choir and soloists. He started working on this composition a few years ago, but when he visited Auschwitz, emotions became too painful and caused a serious writer’s block. By the end of 2007 the International Gipsy Festival asked him to complete his composition so it could be performed in various European cities. He was honoured and inspired by this request. By the middle of 2009 he finished the Requiem.

Photo © John Baggen