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Európai partnerek

   The Alfa Foundation / International Gipsy Festival in Tilburg, the Netherlands is the initiator of the Requiem project. They are in charge of the project and have final responsibility. Alfa is also responsible for implementing the project in the Netherlands.

Since 1997 the Alfa Foundation has been organizing the International Gipsy Festival, an annual festival with artists, many among them from Sinti and Roma descent. The festival shows the impact of this interesting culture on other European art forms such as classical, jazz, pop and folk music, theatre, dance and visual arts. The festival includes concerts, theatre and dance events, exhibitions, film programs, workshops, educational programs for schools and many projects involving musicians and artists from different disciplines all over Europe. It is the largest Roma festival in Northern and Western Europe.

The Alfa Foundation is in charge of the logistics of the concerts, keeps in touch with the orchestra, is responsible for the contracts, has final responsibility for the project budget and keeps in touch with international associated partners.