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The Requiem's composition

To composer Roger ‘Moreno’ Rathgeb 'Auschwitz' stands for strong emotions such as fear, solitude, agony, hope and despair, which raises the question of the meaning of it all. Millions of desperate souls must have felt sorely tried and tested in severe circumstances - first deceived, then humiliated and tormented and finally brutally destroyed.

A visit to the Auschwitz extermination camp has made a deep impression on him: 'Then the voices of the dead souls cry out from the ash-soaked soil into the visitor's ear, then help-seeking hands seize him by the throat.’ It made him come to this conviction: ‘If all this really happened according to the will of God, I am convinced that we owe our freedom today to all these tormented souls’. It is his deepest wish to dedicate this requiem mass to these souls in all humility and gratitude.